Onsrud 67-977
11.0mm CD x 73mm LoC x 11.0mm SD x 114mm OAL
2 Flutes - Solid Carbide 8 Facet Drills - Metric Drills



LMT Onsrud 67-977

0.433 CD x 2-7/8'' LoC x 0.433" SD x 4-1/2'' OAL

LMT Onsrud Series 67-800 - Metric Drills
2 Flute - Solid Carbide 8 Facet Drills - Metric Drills

Designed to reduce cutting forces and eliminating delamination when exiting the material. An 8 facet drill consists of 4 cutting edges with 2 facets per cutting edge. These facets consist of the lip relief and the lip clearance angle.

Usage: Carbon fiber and other Composite material
(CP) = Composites

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