Offers a neutral cutting action-highest force
Upcut Spirals

Provides the best surface finish and allows for good chip extraction. May cause part lifting if vacuum or fixturing is not sufficient
Downcut Spirals

Provides a downward force which helps eliminate part lifting. Chip rewelding MAY occur if there is no space below the part for chip expansion
Compression Spirals

Used for laminated materials, produces a good top and bottom finish on the part

Dor Bits, Pilot Bits, Drywall, Laminate Trim, Aircraft, Engraving, Profile, Taper, Spoilboard
O flute

Provides clean cut in Plastics and Aluminum. Also works good for some Wood Applications
Drills - Boring

Facet Drills, HSS Plastic Drills, Brad Point, Through Hole, Hinge Boring
PCD Diamond

Long life in Abrasive Materials

(DFC) = Diamond Film Coating, (DLC) = Diamond-like Carbon, (ESG) = ESG, (FET) = FET 2.0, (MAR) = Marathon, (PLR) = Polaris, (TIN) = TIN, (ZRN) = ZRN