Onsrud 30-310
7/8'' (22.22mm) CD x 1-1/2'' LoC x 1/2'' SD x 3-1/2'' OAL
Multi-Flute HSS Integral Shank Honeycomb Hogger
Blade Options: 30-012 SC, 30-313 SC w/teeth, 30-113 DP, 30-213 HSS



LMT Onsrud 30-310

7/8'' (22.22mm) CD x 1-1/2'' LoC x 1/2'' SD x 3-1/2'' OAL

LMT Onsrud Series 30-300 - Hogger
Multi-Flute High Speed Steel Integral Shank Honeycomb Hogger

Hogger: requires Cutting Blade. The spiral hogger geometry ground integral to the shank allows for fast feed rates and deep cuts. The availability of several different blades makes this cutter suitable for most core types. Note: Cutting Blades Sold Separately.

Usage: Honeycomb
(HC) = Honeycomb

Saws for 30-310 Hogger Assembly:
30-012 1" (25.4mm) Diameter Solid Carbide Saw
30-313 1" (25.4mm) Diameter Solid Carbide Saw w/teeth
30-113 1" (25.4mm) Diameter Diamond Plated Saw
30-213 1" (25.4mm) Diameter HSS Saw

Parts for 30-310 Hogger Assembly:
30-011-2 Screw

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